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Re: [ietf-smtp] [dispatch] BCP proposal: regular expressions for Internet Mail identifiers

2016-03-29 12:42:22
On 3/29/2016 10:14 AM, John Levine wrote:
The patterns in the draft are all for EAI addresses, which are a
superset of ASCII addresses.  While EAI is surely the mail of the
future, ASCII is the mail of the present. We will have ASCII-only mail
systems for a long time, and even systems that fully support EAI need
to tell whether a message can go to a remote ASCII system or if it
needs SMTPUTF8.

So it would be nice if you separated the patterns for ASCII addresses
and for EAI addresses.  I realize this gets a bit grotty on the domain
side, since EAI allows UTF-8 U-labels in domain names, all of which
have an ASCII A-label equivalent.

It is a reasonable request. I will put that on the TODO, namely to have separate patterns for ASCII-only and EAI addresses (and Message-IDs).


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