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Re: [ietf-smtp] [dispatch] BCP proposal: regular expressions for Internet Mail identifiers

2016-03-30 07:34:28
On 2016/03/29 09:21, Sean Leonard wrote:

I will make this easy: not going to pursue Informational status. I
foresee compliance language referring to these regular expressions: if
not in the IETF, then in other bodies. Any software library that has
Internet + regular expression capabilities, would be an example.
Consider, for example, the POSIX standard, and the C++ standard library
standards. It would be reasonable for web browers/ECMAScript/HTML/DOM to
offer e-mail address validation capabilities at some point in the
future, with polyfill to fill in older implementations.

Oh wait, they already do that...and badly:

Just to connect some dots, there's a discussion with respect to HTML and EAI addresses at

Regards,   Martin.

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