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Re: [ietf-smtp] Address transformations

2016-08-01 17:44:00
On 16-08-01 03:11 PM, Sean Leonard wrote:
That being said, I do not wish to devolve into a standards-baiting discussion about that API call. 
I am interested however how mail systems actually implement the parsing of the domain production. 
If you give any number of popular, widely implemented SMTP servers RCPT TO:<foo@>, 
will it query DNS for “”, or will it attempt to contact the server at the 
IPv4 address ? Implementers can answer this question...

And what I would more like to know, is there ANY use cases for still having foo@IPv4address any more?

That was for a time so long forgotten wasn't it?

I know we stopped accepting it, since only the spammers used it any more.

This would be a great time, if no one has a legitimate use case for that, to maybe deprecate the concept of 'user' emailing 'user' at a physical IP location, and start considering that SMTP should be standardized for a different use case.

If someone wants to update the 'draft' to supercede the original RFC, which was for a time so long ago... maybe it is time for a 'modern' definition of the SMTP protocol that no longer allows for that.

While backwards compatibility would make sense if there was anything left that uses it, if in practice it is never used, should it be not put to end-of-life at some point?

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