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Re: [ietf-smtp] Possible cont4ibution to moving forward with RFC5321bis SMTP

2020-01-01 11:58:51
On 1/1/20 12:55 PM, John Levine wrote:

you write:
(I do also wonder how many existing SMTP servers can handle TLS with
client certificates, because that seems like that would also be a
recommendation worth considering.)
Several, as noted, and there are some old patches for qmail to do it, too.

But once again, this is submission, not SMTP.  A client certificate is
a plausible way for a submission client to authenticate itself to the
submission server.

Agreed that client certs can be useful for mail submission authentication.   But I was wondering about the feasibility of migrating to use of client certificates for relay to mail exchangers, i.e. across administrative mail domain boundaries.


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