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Re: [ietf-smtp] SMTP status codes 251 and 551

2020-02-10 19:02:13
On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 3:11 PM John Levine <johnl(_at_)taugh(_dot_)com> wrote:

In article <644DAD60BFC9A9FC2C84194A@PSB> you write:
...  I can actually see some advantages for organizations that divide up
their internal mail systems by laboratory or country (and
pressure to do the latter from privacy law differences) when
people make intra-company moves.   But, no, one cannot get rid
of them on the basis of "never implemented or deployed".

That's not what I was planning, although it might be interesting to
try returning some 251 codes and see how well it works.

For an article I'm writing, I'm figuring out what to say about the
slow demise of mail forwarding.

We see a good bit of email here and the number of 551s that seem to
indicate forwarding is being suggested is incredibly tiny.  I could run
some stats if you like, but call it < 0.0002% over the past year's bounces.

Email being what it is, there's lots of use of 551 for other purposes
(anti-abuse feedback, etc).

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