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Re: [ietf-smtp] Email standard revision

2020-02-18 16:47:52
On 2/18/2020 2:42 PM, John C Klensin wrote:

--On Tuesday, February 18, 2020 14:34 -0800 Dave Crocker
<dhc(_at_)dcrocker(_dot_)net> wrote:

On 2/18/2020 11:12 AM, John C Klensin wrote:
The difficulty I see
is that the language in RFC 2026 seems very clear to me: "no
known technical omissions with respect to the requirements
placed upon it" without an explicit IESG waiver for Proposed

Since the goal for the effort described in the text I offered
is for full standard and not proposed, I have no idea what
your reference, here, pertains to.

Please read the rest of that sentence, which read...

  not even an exception procedure for Internet

I'll guess you mean that the criteria for Proposed extend to Full, but that's just a guess.

At that, I still have no idea how it is applicable here. My guess is that you have some unstated assumptions or analyses or conclusions that establish the relevance, but I don't know what it/they are.

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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