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Re: [ietf-smtp] SMTP Reply code 1yz Positive Preliminary reply

2020-03-06 09:22:57
On 3/6/2020 4:02 AM, Paul Smith wrote:> On 06/03/2020 02:45, Hector Santos wrote:
John K, regarding the Timeouts, I was more facetious than serious
here. However, there are situations we already talked about in the
past. We could highlight some of them, but I believe the main one
was the 5 mins after the transaction was completed and a RSET/MAIL
can start a new transaction.

I thought the main one was with delays after the the terminating '.',
where the client is meant to wait 10 minutes for the server
acknowledgement, but usually gives up a lot sooner than that, leading
to duplicate messages.

There are basically two:

At all the states EHLO, MAIL, RCPT and DATA, etc. Each state can spawn scripts, shims, hooks, mfilters, etc. Once upon a time, a concern was scripts, current or future, can potentially take longer than the allotted idle timeout period per state. So there is technically runtime limits & restrictions at all states. 10 mins for DATA, 5 for the rest.

But the one that was real and significant, are with clients who do complete the DATA state, get a 2yz, 4yz or 5yz response to complete a transaction. Then instead of issuing a QUIT, it keeps the socket connection open and waits for a new outbound message to be queued to begin a new RSET/MAIL command to start a new transaction. This may help scale clients but not servers because of wasteful session residence time. Depending on your server load settings, the server threads/processes/ports could be consumed honoring the 5 minute wait. However, most of the time, no new transaction begins. So it is very wasteful and wcSMPT provides an operator option to shorten it.

I think since the last review of this, over a decade ago, some operators reading the threads got some operational, practical input on this, agreed it was wasteful for the server and probably shorten the "new transaction" wait time so that the client does not chew up server resources. I recall one big domain waiting the 5 minutes but today, looking at the logs, I see they have cut that down to 5 seconds! So if no new mail is queued on the sender side within 5 seconds, it issues a QUIT.

Here is one example where the client is waiting and my particular wcSMTP server setup disconnects after 35 seconds. It is set in the registry "PostDataTimeoutSecs" DWORD 35 and the default is 0 (the SMTP 5 mins limit to wait for a new transaction).

Wildcat! ESMTP Server v8.0.454.9
SMTP log started at Thu, 05 Mar 2020  20:27:49
Connection Time: 20200305 20:27:49  cid: 00003F96 tid: 00001390
SSL-Enabled=YES No-Quit-Cancel=OFF Receiver-Bin=ON
Client IP: (unknown) Host IP:
20:27:49.763 ** WCX Process: smtpcmd-connect  ret: -1
20:27:49.763 S: Wildcat! ESMTP Server v8.0.454.9 ready
20:27:49.763 S: 220-************** WARNING: FOR AUTHORIZED USE ONLY! ********************** 20:27:49.763 S: 220-* THIS SYSTEM DO NOT AUTHORIZE THE USE OF ITS PROPRIETARY COMPUTERS * 20:27:49.763 S: 220-* AND COMPUTER NETWORKS TO ACCEPT, TRANSMIT, OR DISTRIBUTE UNSOLICITED * 20:27:49.763 S: 220-* BULK E-MAIL SENT FROM THE INTERNET. THIS SYSTEM WILL RESTRICT ACCESS * 20:27:49.763 S: 220-* TO CAN-SPAM (US S. 877) COMPLIANT CLIENTS ONLY. * 20:27:49.763 S: 220 ************************************************************************
20:27:50.120 C: EHLO
20:27:50.126 ** WCX Process: smtpcmd-check-ehlo  ret: -1
20:27:50.126 S:, Pleased to meet you.
20:27:50.126 S: 250-SIZE 102400000
20:27:50.126 S: 250-8BITMIME
20:27:50.126 S: 250-SUBMITTER
20:27:50.126 S: 250-ETRN
20:27:50.126 S: 250-AUTH=LOGIN
20:27:50.126 S: 250-HELP
20:27:50.126 S: 250 STARTTLS
20:27:50.535 C: STARTTLS
20:27:50.536 S: 220 Ready to start TLS
20:27:50.536 ** Begin SSL negotiation
20:27:50.807 ** SSL negotiation successful
20:27:50.863 C: EHLO
20:27:50.869 ** WCX Process: smtpcmd-check-ehlo  ret: -1
20:27:50.869 S:, Pleased to meet you.
20:27:50.869 S: 250-SIZE 102400000
20:27:50.869 S: 250-8BITMIME
20:27:50.869 S: 250-SUBMITTER
20:27:50.869 S: 250-ETRN
20:27:50.869 S: 250-AUTH=LOGIN
20:27:50.869 S: 250 HELP
20:27:51.022 C: MAIL From:<NJ09BPIMA(_at_)mail(_dot_)house(_dot_)gov> SIZE=30462
20:27:51.023 S: 250 <NJ09BPIMA(_at_)mail(_dot_)house(_dot_)gov>... Sender validation pending. Continue.
20:27:51.081 C: RCPT To:<andrea(_dot_)santos(_at_)santronics(_dot_)com>
20:27:56.555 ** WCX Process: wcsap ret: -1 (5473 msecs)
20:27:56.555 S: 250 <andrea(_dot_)santos(_at_)santronics(_dot_)com>... 
Recipient ok
20:27:57.502 C: DATA
20:27:57.502 S: 354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
20:27:59.441 ** end of data received. (bytes: 31708) (15.9 K/s)
20:28:00.539 ** WCX Process: SmtpFilterHookLoader  ret: 1 (1098 msecs)
20:28:00.539 ** Authentication-Results:;
20:28:00.539 ** dkim=pass header.s=November2012-msg-mhg; 20:28:00.539 ** dkim=pass header.s=November2012-msg-mhg;
20:28:00.540 ** message copied to router prespool
20:28:00.540 ** Router signaled to begin handling new messages
20:28:00.540 S: 250 Message accepted for delivery. (bytes: 31708)
20:28:37.045 S: 421 Idle Timeout - Server closing transmission channel.
20:28:37.045 ** Completed. Elapsed Time: 47300 msecs


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