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Re: [ietf-smtp] Valid RFC5322 address

2020-05-03 11:07:28
Thanks Ned and Claus:

On 5/3/2020 11:11 AM, Claus Assmann wrote:
On Sun, May 03, 2020, Hector Santos wrote:
It appears to be accepted by various servers, including my own.

Well, most mail servers accept all kind of garbage ("be liberal ... ").

Mine doesn't:
Mail from:<github.agent:.github-hookshot/7431eee(_at_)winserver(_dot_)com>
501 5.1.7 Bad sender's mailbox address syntax.

The SMTP server accepted it. How I saw the issue was with Apple's web-based mail reader/viewer (MUA). It showed a blank From: field when first reading it. But after viewing a previous email, i.e. Apple News, it now used Apple's From address as a filler for the notification email from field display. The bugs were reported to Apple.

Just quote it and you're ok:

Ok. I am probably to change it so isn't a problem with MUAs as well -- be "conservative" on sending out. :-)

So I need to know if the address is valid. Its hard to decipher whether it
is or not from the RFC5322/RFC5321 BNF. It seems to read the ':' and '/'
characters are valid.

Where do you see an unquoted ':' as valid in "Local-part"?  ':' is
used to separate "At-Domain" parts.

I guess I was reading multiple things between RFC5322 and RFC5321. Jumped around a lot.

As Ned showed, I see now RFC5222 better defines the local-part. But with RFC5321, it wasn't quite clear. It seems to stop with only one occurrence of atext, no BNF for it and no reference to atext being defined in RFC5322.

I suppose this might be another clarification issue for RFC5321bis.



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