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Re: [ietf-smtp] Valid RFC5322 address

2020-05-03 11:28:35
On 5/3/2020 11:57 AM, John C Klensin wrote:

Technically, no.  The "/" is not a problem.  Colons are (they
are not in the list of valid characters for <atext> in RFC
5322), I imagine at least in part because they were part of the
now-discouraged Source Route syntax (see Sections 3.6 and
Appendix C of RFC 5321 (and 5321bis, at least so far)) and so
would need to be quoted.

Just from a reader pov, it wasn't quote clear between the two docs. I see now RFC5322 is defining atext clearly. RFC5321 probably needs a reference to RFC5322 for atext.

Noting that you seem to be turning blanks into ".",

Yes, from the old MHS methods that took local user names, i.e. "Hector Santos" and dotted/underscored them when networking came to BBSes.

char *MakeDotName(char *psz)
  char *p = psz;
  while (*p) {
    switch (*p) {
      case ' ': *p = '.'; break;
      case '.': *p = '_'; break;
  return psz;

I'd also
want to be careful to be sure that any value "." characters to
the right of the "/" in your example don't get broken by any
de-conversion process.

I see.

Also note that, if this is going to be used in conjunction with
web facilities, someone is likely to want to turn whatever you
produce into a MAILTO: URL and restrictions on those (both
restrictions imposed by the spec and those imposed by sloppy
implementations) are even worse.


Recommendation: Don't push it.

+1, I plan to change it. It was initially meant to be more for local MUAs (Not networking). Then the notify by email was added where there is a MakeDotName() translation and no consideration for special characters. I think I will first try this for the local name to email name translation.

  "Github Agent: github-hookshot/xxxxxxxxx" no-reply(_at_)winserver(_dot_)com

And check how Apple's web-based MUA handles it. Btw, the Apple iPhone Mail App display the field fine.

I am also going to an wcSMTP server option to validate the local part of the return address.



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