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Re: [ietf-smtp] How wrong is this EAI implementation

2020-06-21 09:53:55
In article 
<kzlyExy/> you write:
I note that there is no explicit requirement to treat incoming a-labels 
as equivalent with u-labels anywhere in the EAI RFCs. Which means that 
you can convert labels before sending, but you cannot rely on the 
receiver to interpret the result as desired.

I don't think that 5321 requires that bob(_at_)example(_dot_)com and 
be treated the same, either.

Beyond some point, you can't force people to be reasonable.

In the particular case I mentioned, my MTA is Courier which treats
A-labels and U-labels equivalently in mail addresses, but not in
identifiers for authentication.  It was easy enough to add both versions
to the identifer table, but I think I'm going to send a bug report to

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