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Re: [ietf-smtp] EHLO domain validation requirement in RFC 5321

2020-09-27 19:01:24
On 9/27/20 7:55 PM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:

gosh, Keith. Don't you consider 95% spam in email over the Internet to be a degradation worthy of attention?

Of course I do, but ONLY if the degradation due to spam filtering is part of the picture.

Any "degradation due to spam filtering" is only due to the spam's existence itself. If there were no spam, there wouldn't be any spam filtering to degrade anything. Spam filtering is not a problem, it's a reaction to a problem.

Emphatically disagree.   Anytime a legitimate message isn't delivered due to spam filtering, the spam filtering IS the problem.

Furthermore, nobody has any real standing to complain about anyone else's spam filtering.

Emphatically disagree.  Users should have a reasonable expectation of having their mail delivered without having to stand on their heads and beat a syncopated rhythm with a walrus appendage on a skin drum during a full moon.

Once this basic fundamental fact is established

as soon as you start stating relevant facts, I'll listen.

– that anyone is free to configure their mail servers in whaever whey they deem to see fit and they are no obligation to accomodate any external third party's desires or opinions – then any pontifications on the negative effects on spam filtering become nothing more than philosophical discussions, void of any practical application. Anyone is free to campaign as much as they wish about whatever undesirable effects of spam filtering they object to. They won't have any effect. People will continue to use spam filtering methods that work for them, and not the ones that some other third party approves of, in some way.

Irrelevant.   For the most part, "people" don't choose their spam filtering; they have it imposed on them and often have zero control over it except to try a different email address.


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