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Re: ECN and ISOC: request for help...

2002-07-24 05:49:28

ISOC knows about this, but you actually need to contact ISOC's ISP. 

But frankly it's a quixotic mission; SMTP mailers that break when they 
find a non-ECN-tolerant SMTP peer are likely to encounter trouble for 
some years to come. 

The issue here is that there is a MAY in RFC 3168 that IMHO should
be a SHOULD. That's the first MAY in section If your ECN
code implemented that MAY, you would not have seen a problem.


Franck Martin wrote:

In its great wisdom, the IETF has divised a system to control congestion
over the Internet called ECN [RFC3168], unfortunately there are still some
routers out there which are "Explicit Congestion Notification" (ECN) broken:

One of this router leads to the ISOC web site. what is funny is to see the
above RFC is copyright ISOC. Could someone located in the Washington DC area
please contact the ISOC people and help them to be RFC compliant...

I have highlighted to ISOC the problem, they are aware, but understaffed and
this is a little bit tricky, but it should be a piece of cake for the IETF

More info on ECN:

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