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RE: Time horizon, contingencies, and destinations (was scenarios 0 and C)

2004-09-27 11:20:36
At 10:59 AM -0700 9/27/04, Tony Hain wrote:
 At the
same time, if we go down the path of more stable centralized fund-raising by
the scenario C proposed Independent Corporation, there are likely to be some
strong strings (ropes/chains) attached to that funding with the
implicit/explicit intent to influence the outcome of the technical efforts.
Call it a membership organization or not, the outcome of this environment is
that those who are providing the funds will be in a position to demand their
way on technical issues through the threat of pulling the money.

If the Independent Corporation were intended to be the IETF, I would
agree, but I with an incorporated administrative entity, I don't think
this is an issue.   At least in my reading, neither O or C proposes
any changes to the standards process or ISOC's role in it.
                                Ted Hardie

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