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Re: Question about the Neustar logo on

2006-01-03 14:56:44
At 00:15 03/01/2006, John Levine wrote:
> NeuStar is the ".us" Registy and has entered into an open root
> agreement with the GSMA, supporting the ".gprs" TLD. That the IETF
> pays to host a link to them may certainly be perceived as a
> political signal.

Oh, no, not this again.  Neustar's .gprs TLD exists only on a special
purpose private network disjoint from the public Internet, used for
GSM signalling and invisible to anyone who doesn't run a GSM phone

Dear John,
do you agree I ask your head the day I can reach ".gprs" names from my PC?

It is not the network that GSM phone users see when they use
web or mail services over their phones.  I don't care what names the
GSMA uses on their private network, and I don't see any reason that
anyone else would, either.

ICANN has suggested the IETF to run a testbed on this kind of evolution. It even suggested to use classes as per the adequate proposition of John Klensin. The IETF prefered not to.

There may be reasons not to like Neustar, but the fact that they
happen to provide network infrastructure to phone companies is not one
of them.

No reason to dislike NeuStar. They introduce competition where there is none. IMHO this is a blessing for the native Internet and a challenge for the international network and the IGF. What is dangerous is to consider all this neutral.


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