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Re: Questions for those in favor of PR-Actions in general

2006-01-25 14:37:26
At 06:57 AM 1/25/2006, nick(_dot_)staff(_at_)comcast(_dot_)net wrote:

Claim: The claim that all the good people will leave if the noise level is too great and if stubborn people with limited technical ability aren't banned.

Question: If that claim is accurate, then since there were no PR-Actions for the first 20 years of the IETF one would have to assume that all the good people left long ago (years and years) and the ones left here now are the ones that drove the good engineers away?

Not exactly correct. The first person was threatened with removal from the IETF list around 1990. There have been other actions that didn't result in removals over the years - usually the threat was enough to resolve the issue. In this case the consensus was to continue the particular discussion (amusingly enough the chair wanted to move certain discussions off the list unilaterally and I objected). See the IETF archives around the middle of april 1990. Subject "mailing list policy" or "inanity".

Now the IETF environment of 1990 is quite different than the one today. I'm fairly sure the discussion points I made then would change now because of that change in environment and even more because of the sheer amount of traffic on all the mailing lists to which I subscribe.

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