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Thinking about interim meeting dates

2006-04-26 04:44:47
As Ray pointed out in his note, there are only 74 days until IETF 66, so if your working group has been noodling about holding an interim meeting, there's not a lot of time to pick dates/places and announce them, since the requirement is 30 days advance notice plus 30 days prior to an IETF meeting (see for details).

You should probably also allow at least five minutes for AD approval :-)



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Subject: IETF Meeting Survey - Last Call


More than 1,250 of you attended IETF 65 in Dallas and many others attended sessions remotely. Yet only 155 of you have responded to a survey intended to make future meeting experiences more successful. There are only 74 days left before IETF 66 in Montreal, only 74 days during which there may be the opportunity to effect improvements. Again, your participation is anonymous and your candor is most welcome.

You can help by taking this short survey at:

At the end of the survey you will be able to see the survey results to date.

I do appreciate the help.

Ray Pelletier
IETF Administrative Director

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