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RE: AutoCAD file transfer over WAN

2008-03-09 18:26:37
   I think that some WAN optimization solution may help you. Disabling the 
digital signature will bring some risk on the
integrity of the files.
   As the problem your corporation met on the applications over WAN, WAN 
optimization is serious challenge.
Best regards,
Zheng Hewen



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Subject: AutoCAD file transfer over WAN

Hi ,
Ever since our company has located servers at remote locations, I am 
experiencing a lot of problems while
opening/closing/saving AutoCAD files. After the "upgradation" to a WAN 
optimizer, I have had to deal with significant
delay/lag in opening/saving and transferring DWG files. I searched net, and the 
only recommendation I could find was to
disable AutoCAD's digital signature. How do I disable AutoCAD's digital 
signature?Are there any repercussions or drawbacks
in doing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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