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Re: IETF Last Call on Walled Garden Standard for the Internet

2008-03-13 15:58:48
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On Mar 13, 2008, at 6:17 PM, Bernard Aboba wrote:

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has further compounded  
the problem by creating interoperable standards for security, which  
have enabled hosts on the Internet to protect traffic end-to-end or  
hop-by-hop. This has not only harmed vendor profitability by  
requiring vendors to interoperate with each other, but by enabling  
users to take ownership of their own security without the approval  
of operators or governmental authorities, criminal activity,  
terrorism, and juvenile delinquincy have flourished.

While these issues have long been recognized by the U.N. Working  
Group on Internet Governance, until recently, the IETF has shown  
little interest in solving these problems.

I'm hoping this comment is tongue-in-cheek.

If not, I'd encourage you to review 
show.asp?id=428. I'll quote its final paragraph here:

The culmination of attractive data pricing, improved usability and  
mobile demand for Web 2.0 services, together with increased  
availability of 3G devices is brewing to form the prefect data  
storm – a tipping point where the majority of a subscriber base  
accesses the data network with regularity. This is something which  
operators like Vodafone have fought hard to achieve but, while they  
have deployed the networks and supplied the devices, it is not  
their walled-gardens or headline-grabbing media partnerships which  
are causing the data winds to blow. It is the likes of MySpace,  
Facebook, Google, Flickr, Jaiku, YouTube and Flirtomatic which are  
seeding the stirring clouds. As data pricing erodes along the same  
path travelled by voice, operators must now identify ways to tap  
into revenues from web services or else be left exposed when the  
data hurricane arrives.

In essence, it reviews Vodaphone's semi-annual numeric announcement  
in November, and concludes that the growth of Vodaphone - which is  
very nice, includes a 7% increase in voice revenue, a 9% increase in  
SMS revenue, and 49% growth in data revenue, the vast majority of  
which does not derive from Vodaphone's walled garden. One data point  
is just that - anecdotal evidence. But it points in a direction that  
market research analysts throughout the industry (such as were  
discussed in Marshall Eubank's talk this evening) are also pointing.

Since when are walled garden vendors (like I-Mode, which failed as a  
business last year after delivering one of the most-used walled  
gardens to date) shooting any feet but their own in promoting walled  

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