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Re: EAP applicability (Was: Re: IETF Last Call on Walled Garden Standard for the Internet)

2008-03-17 15:58:37
  Actually I think it's a little more technical than editorial. This
problem is due to the fact that HOKEY is extracting a key derived from
the EMSK and making that "The Mother Of All Root Keys" (MOARK), which
can be used to derive all keys for all purposes to solve all problems in
the world.

  The document can be fixed by removing the MOARK from the draft and
having HOKEY define a _HOKEY-specific_ key derived from the EMSK. That
HOKEY-specific key is used for HOKEY and HOKEY only. If some other key
usage is needed then it can define another way to extract it's needed
keying material from the EMSK, and hopefully that process would be done
in the IETF (at least the chances are greater that it would be done in
the IETF if it's based on the EMSK and not the MOARK).

  This has the added benefit of simplifying the key hierarchy.

I agree that the MOARK approach should be discarded, since its only use is 
to circumvent the EAP applicability statement in RFC 3748.  HOKEY WG was 
chartered to solve the EAP handoff problem, not to create a new security 
architecture for the Internet based on link layer security. 
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