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Re: Confirming vs. second-guessing

2008-03-17 16:56:45

On Mar 17, 2008, at 8:34 AM, SM wrote:

There is an expectation that the information provided to the
nominating committee is confidential.  The confirming body needs some
information to determine whether the candidate fits the stated  

There is a simple solution to that. The nomcom asks the candidates a  
number of questions. A new form needs to be developed that informs  
the candidate that the information given will be available to the  
confirming bodies, and gives the candidate a way to say things that  
are confidential to the nomcom. For example, every question including  
a new "do you have anything else you would like to add" question  
needs to have two slots, one confidential to the nomcom and one  
confidential to the nomcom plus the confirming body.

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