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Re: Confirming vs. second-guessing

2008-03-16 18:59:19
At 09:16 PM 3/16/2008, Ralph Droms wrote:

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008, Michael StJohns wrote:
Put another way, the Nomcom is a search committee, but the hiring authority 
resides in the confirming bodies.

Mike - I fundamentally and strongly disagree.  In my opinoin, the Nomcom is 
the hiring committee; the confirming body is the oversight and sanity check 
body.  The Nomcom is selected from the IETF as a whole to select the 
management for the IETF, who then serve at the pleasure of the IETF as a 
whole.  The confirming bodies do not form a hierarchical management or hiring 
organization; rather, they perform a final check and review of the process.

- Ralph

And I think this is the nut of the matter. 

If the IETF agrees with you, the best thing they can do is rewrite 3777 to 
eliminate the confirmation process, as there is no possible way to do any 
reasonable sanity and oversight without a complete end-to-end view of the 
process.  E.g. leave it to the liaison's and past-chairs to deal with those "is 
the process good?" matters.

But the text of all the Nomcom process documents back to the first (RFC2027) 

"review the candidates...and then consent to some, all or none of the 

Review the "candidates" - NOT "review the process by which the candidates were 

This is the black letter reading of ALL of versions of the chain of Nomcom 
documents and I believe it is in opposition to your opinion.

I'm going to self-initiate a personal 24 hour hold down.  I'm going to refrain 
from any more comments on this topic or the other chain until tomorrow night 
just to see if anyone else has anything to say.. :-) 

Later, Mike

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