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Re: Thoughts on the nomcom process

2008-03-16 14:49:50

You said:

" The confirming bodies should not be concerned with the way the 
  Nomcom got to the point of nominating someone (at least not during 
  the process), but they are there to examine the nomination and
  nominee and to determine if - in the confirming body's best judgement
  - the nominee is acceptable for the position."

And yet you believe that ALL the information provided by a candidate 
to the nomcom should be freely available to the confirming bodies?

The only thing at issue here is: What information did the candidate 
think would be forwarded to the confirming body and what information
did he/she have a reasonable expectation would stay within the 

This may not require a new process RFC, it may simply require a 
questionnaire with a "confidential" section.

The rest of your note isn't worth responding to since you choose to 
use such phrases as "FUD" and "HOG WASH". Sorry Mike, I would have 
expected better from you!


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