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Re: Nomcom liaison duties

2008-03-17 09:50:41

On Mar 17, 2008, at 10:17 AM, Dave Crocker wrote:

Stewart Bryant wrote:
Isn't one of the roles of the liaisons to ensure that due process is
followed to the extent required by the body they represent, and to  
advanced notice when the choice of candidate is likely to be
unacceptable to their body?

I overlooked the "and to give advanced notice..." part of this in my
previous response.  I don't consider it appropriate for a liaison to
divulge any sensitive information learned through the NomCom
process to a confirming body without the consent of the NomCom.
If the information is not already provided in the testimony provided
by the NomCom to the confirming body, that which the liaison is
in part responsible for helping to prepare, then to do so would seem
only to sabotage the process, and breach the confidence of the

I believe the current 3777 text surrounding this is sufficient.

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