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On the confidentiality of the information and communication within the nomcom context

2008-03-15 20:12:31
I understand that there is work underway on the topic of revising 3777 
and I have also had several discussions with various folks on this 
topic.  With no intention to undermine the work already underway, I will 
briefly state some of my thoughts.

* Nominee lists should be made public.  In fact, other selection 
processes within the IETF make the candidate lists public and so it is 
time we let go of this in the nomcom context.  The case against is 
fairly weak at this point in time.

* Nominees are required to publish a statement for public consumption; 
in fact, I would go further and require making some of the information 
that normally goes into a typical questionnaire response public.

* The nomcom in the course of its operation may collect any type of 
information and all that is for nomcom's eyes only.  The nomcom shall 
only provide testimony to the confirmation body based on that information.

* Members of the community may contact any nomcom member and ask to 
anonymize their feedback; nominees cannot provide anonymous feedback on 
other nominees for the same position.

* Non voting members may share and assert the opinions of the bodies 
they represent, at will.  All personal opinions shall be shared on a 
pull-basis, initiated by the voting members or the chair.

* The nomcom chair should not share personal opinions on candidates.  It 
is advisable to not share opinions even on a pull-basis.
The chair's role is to ensure that the nomcom voting members consider 
all opinions from the community.

* The confirmation bodies shall not receive any verbatim information 
pertaining to the nomcom (either information collected by the nomcom or 
generated during the nomcom process).

* The confirmation bodies are to be provided testimony on the selection 
of each candidate.  The testimony shall include the nature of 
information collection and the debates; it may include a summary of 
feedback and a characterization of the the strength of support for the 
candidate within the community and the nomcom.

* Confirmation bodies may base their decision on information not 
available to the nomcom.  They are encouraged to share information on 
nominees with the nomcom and contribute to the timely completion of the 
nomcom process.

* Confirmation bodies must inform the nomcom of their decision within 4 
weeks of receipt of the first communication from the nomcom with the 
names of the candidates and the mandatory information to be included in 
the testimony.  If there is no response, the candidates are assumed to 
be confirmed.

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