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Re: On the confidentiality of the information and communication within the nomcom context

2008-03-17 19:45:16
Brian E Carpenter skrev:
Hi Lakshimnath, just a few notes and queries...

On 2008-03-16 16:10, Lakshminath Dondeti wrote:
* Nominee lists should be made public.  In fact, other selection 
processes within the IETF make the candidate lists public and so it is 
time we let go of this in the nomcom context.  The case against is 
fairly weak at this point in time.

As I recall, this was discussed extensively before 3777 (and before
2727) and opinions were so evenly split that the only possible
conclusion was "no consensus for change". So we'll need to see if
opinions have changed...

(My opinion: on the occasions when I was a candidate, I would
have had no problem with it being made public. But the tricky part
is at what stage the list of candidates is considered stable
enough to be published.)
I was part of the rough in that consensus, and I continue to believe the 
same thing I did then:

*The names of people nominated should be made public.
*The names of the people who agreed to serve if selected should be kept 

The reasoning I have is that several people argued that they did not 
want it publicly known that they were willing to stand against an 
incumbent - but they could always blame the fact that they were 
nominated on someone else; it reveals no information about their own wishes.

The argument against is that it makes it easy to detect what's happened 
when the nomcom has rejected all the nominated candidates and has to go 
searching for new ones - I believe that's one reason why my position did 
not carry the day in the update resulting in 3777.

(and just to repeat what I tried to say at plenary.... with proper 
notification to candidates of what will be shared with the confirming 
body, I think we don't have a problem going forward; without such 
notification, I believe that passing verbatim text from the candidates 
to the confirming bodies was not right.
My sympathies with everyone who had to figure their way through this one..)


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