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Re: Scheduling unpleasantness

2008-03-24 15:34:53
On 3/24/08, Brian Dickson <briand(_at_)ca(_dot_)afilias(_dot_)info> wrote:
Eric Gray wrote:

 >       This sort of scheduling problem is very well known
 > to be NP hard and trying to meet the scheduling conflict
 > matrix for 1500 to 2500 people would make the "N" large.

Universities have been doing this successfully for class scheduling for
 many years
 with great success. I would not necessarily classify it as "hard".

Define "successfully".

Having been locked out of more than one course because of scheduling
conflicts, I would suggest that "successfully" to the university may
not be perceived as "successfully" to the students.

Which, come to think of it, is the same position IETF finds itself in:
replace "university" with "IETF" and "students" with "attendees".

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