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Re: Last Call: draft-klensin-rfc2821bis

2008-03-29 02:52:42
On Sat, 29 Mar 2008, John C Klensin wrote:
I also prefer (2) because I don't think the original "A
fallback" was  meant to stay there very long and we just never
got around to  deprecating that feature.  If you ask a random
sampling of postmasters  and DNS domain owners, I doubt many
would even remember right off the  bat that such a fallback

Based on some small experience with email deployment and
operations, I believe that you are wrong.  Indeed, if you asked
a random sampling of those groups --remembering that there are a
huge number of SMTP servers in the world, only a tiny fraction
of which are professional operations and with an even smaller
fraction being large-scale, carefully-managed production ones,
you might discover that many of them had forgotten that there
was such a thing as an MX record and how to set it up.

Point taken, but I don't believe this really applies to IPv6 yet.

Certainly, one could go around this loop for months, with people
repeating themselves in ever-louder ways, but do you really
think that would move us forward or result in a better or
clearer consensus?

IMO, it is time to decide and move on.   Like several others, I
think it is more important to decide than what the decision is.
Days would be good.  Maybe a week or so is tolerable.  But
certainly not months.

I was not precise and you misunderstood.  I was saying "timescale of 
months" because I didn't want "timescale of years". (I've been a bit 
disappointed with IETF's speed of progress lately and the latter seems 
to be the timescale we're working with in any consensus process 
whatsoever.)  Faster is fine with me if the document shepherd, editor 
and the AD manage to read the consensus and decide on the right 
approach in that time.

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