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Gen-ART LC review of draft-ietf-isms-transport-security-model-12

2009-04-10 16:06:38
I have been selected as the General Area Review Team (Gen-ART)
reviewer for this draft (for background on Gen-ART, please see

Please resolve these comments along with any other Last Call comments
you may receive.

Document: draft-ietf-isms-transport-security-model-12
Reviewer: Ben Campbell
Review Date: 2009-04-10
IETF LC End Date:  2009-04-15
IESG Telechat date: (if known)


This draft is ready for publication as a proposed standard. I have a few nit comments, attention to which might improve the document.

Major issues:


Minor issues:


Nits/editorial comments:

--Section 2.3.1, second paragraph

It's not clear to me from context if the "*" is a placeholder or a footnote reference.

--Section 2.3.2

Can you provide a reference for the "User-based Security Model"?

-- Section 4.2, first two paragraphs

I'm not sure why the above two paragraphs are numbered--they don't seem to represent an ordered sequence.

-- section 9, SMI assignment:

Can you give a URL to the mib-2 registry?

-- Appendix A, multiple editor notes concerning port for SNMP over SSH.

I gather this is port is not already assigned, nor is it assigned by this document. Can you include a reference to where it is being assigned?

-- Appendices C and D:

Are these to be removed?

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