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Re: XML2RFC must die, was: Re: Two different threads - IETF Document Format

2009-07-05 14:01:43
Carsten Bormann wrote:
What we need is the ability to write drafts with a standard
issue word processor.

Why? I suppose if there were indeed a *standard* word processor, this might
be feasible, but I think by "standard issue" you mean "commercially

Commercial, and the personal edition is available at no cost.
I've gotten non-CS people up to speed on that tool in no time.

Best with:

This is my preferred mechanism (thanks to Bill Fenner). It isn't totally perfect but it makes it very difficult to produce invaliud xml and does give you a good idea of what you will get.

One colleague has had problems due to exploiting (or maybe just not getting caught by) some of the laxities in earlier versions getting tightened up later, but it is generally easy enough to fix things up. Bill's verifier is very helpful for this purpose.

As regards documentation, there are two sets of tutorial slides (maybe could be described as 'basic' and 'intermediate' - I wrote the latter). The FAQ is very useful and there are several templates, including the one I did to accompany the tutorial I did. This has lots of explanatory text in it with many examples - there is a stripped down version for when you are experienced. These all fill in the holes left by the basic documentation IMHO, including the complete list of PIs and what they do.


(But then, I use Emacs, which is non-commercial and free.)

Gruesse, Carsten

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