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Re: What is the IPR policy for Hackathon? RE: [94all] IETF 94 - Hackathon Information

2015-09-09 14:59:03
My original response inadvertently gloss over that point. My understanding
is the same as yours, Sam.


On 9/9/15, 10:07 AM, "Sam Hartman" <hartmans-ietf(_at_)mit(_dot_)edu> wrote:

"Charles" == Charles Eckel (eckelcu) <eckelcu(_at_)cisco(_dot_)com> 

   Charles> Good question, Miao. Hackathon registration and
   Charles> participation is independent of the IETF meeting; however,
   Charles> we do make it clear in the registration and at the event
   Charles> that participation in the Hackathon is subject to the IETF
   Charles> Note Well. In addition to this, open source projects have
   Charles> their own governance and rules for contributing to
   Charles> them. These must be adhered to as well when code developed
   Charles> at the Hackathon is contributed into these projects.

My understanding of copyright and the IETF note well is inconsistent
with  Mr. Fuyou's description though.
In particular, typically ownership of the IETF contribution remains with
the contributor, although the IETF is granted a rather broad
non-exclusive license to
the contribution.

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