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Re: Gen-ART Review of draft-ietf-trill-pseudonode-nickname-05

2015-09-17 08:23:09
Thanks for the in-depth review, Russ! Very much appreciated.

I believe we still has to resolve what to do about the sort order.

(Maybe this helps: I’m not actually sure why in a k-element set you order them 
based <something> mod k because that would seem to produce likely duplicates. 
Since your backup option in the case of duplicates is proper numeric sort, why 
just not do that and only that? E.g. "RBridges are sorted in byte string 
ascending order by their LAALP IDs, or if they are equal, by their System IDs 
considered as unsigned integers.” But it could also be that it is too early and 
I have not yet had enough Diet Coke…)

Also, I am not sure I understand this in Section 5.2:

   Assuming there are … k member RBridges in an RBv; ... each RBridge is
   referred to as RBj where 0 <= j < k-1

Wouldn’t that mean that for 2 bridges you have RB0 only, because j=1 does not 
satisfy 0 <= j < k-1 because 0 <= 1 < 1 is untrue. But again, it is too early 
here and maybe I’m missing something.


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