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Re: Internet Draft block on post-IETF LC IDs

2017-07-04 06:27:55
ADs regularly grant such requests, and you have a very good reason.

The question is if code should be added to not have a submission block
when tracker state is past WG process (e.g., Waiting for Writeup,  Waiting
or AD Go-Ahead, IESG Evaluation, IESG Evaluation - Defer, or
Approved-announcement to be sent).

Maybe. (But it is also not a big load on the ADs, and they’d probably
still want to make exceptions on case-by-case basis.)

Personally, I think there are a lot of cases where updates should just
be allowed. For instance, you published a big update in time for the
meeting and for your topic to get on the WG agenda; you should be
allowed to fix bugs that people report to you as they prepare for the
meeting. Then again, many people are doing this on github anyway,
so the importance of a particular draft version is diminishing a bit,
along with the significance of the blocking period.


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