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Re: new DNS classes

2017-07-07 10:10:15

Nico Williams wrote:

I'm well aware that as to clients and servers, deploying new RR types is
easy.  The hard part is the management backend and UIs.  Not all of them
allow you to enter raw RDATA (hex-encoded or whatever).

We've struggled with this in KITTEN WG.  Deploying the URI RR type when
you're using a hosting service can be anywhere from annoying (must enter
raw RDATA) to impossible (the hosting service doesn't give a damn).  I
suppose it's just a matter of time; perhaps things have improved since
we last looked.

that would be a prior restraint, and bad for innovation. just like middle boxes or the nearly universal assumption that ip means tcp or udp. i know this kind of thinking is common. but there is a stark choice for all of us: do all of our future protocol work on tcp/80 and make everything fit in JSON, so that we can get our work done; or keep doing what the internet used to mean, and eventually put enough stress on middle box makers, isp's, and in your case dns hosting services, that they have to learn about the internet rather than just the web.

i know which future i'd rather live in. i also feel in-year pressure to get my work done. i vacillate as to who gets to receive which burdens.

P Vixie

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