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RE: Slides, eye charts, and a beg for readability

2017-07-19 04:04:13
Aren't all the slides posted in the meeting materials at least 24 hours ahead 
of time to allow us to download them, use our own preferred tools, struggle 
with English not being our native language, and so on?
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Subject: Slides, eye charts, and a beg for readability
Dear IETF participants who are mostly younger than I am ...
I've been routinely using Meetecho *in the room* so that I could read slides 
with fonts too small to read from the back of the room. I'm fine with that, 
although I don't know that everyone is.
I'm seeing a couple of presentations where the font is so small that I can 
barely read it with reading glasses on Meetecho. 
If people could ask themselves if they care about being understood enough to 
use a font large enough to read, that would be great.
Spencer, who's 20/20, after surgery, so it shouldn't be this hard!