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Re: Slides, eye charts, and a beg for readability

2017-07-19 10:07:03

I agree that it is not rocket science to get the slides in on time,
but that might be the very reason we don't see them in time.

This is in the "soon" domain!


On 2017-07-19 16:44, Adrian Farrel wrote:

I do think that if the slides were available to be posted ahead of time,
the chairs could make sure they are appropriate, sufficiently few in
number, in the right font, etc., and the participants who want to could
look at the slides in advance.

To be honest, posting slides ahead of time is not rocket science and wen
it doesn't happen it is often (barring the usual excuses) pretty

Am I being overly smug?


Aren't all the slides posted in the meeting materials at least 24 hours
ahead of time to allow us to download them, use our own preferred tools,
struggle with English not being our native language, and so on?

Well, MINE were in TSVAREA, but that's not always true. I sat in one
meeting that had no slides uploaded at all. Not naming names, because
the responsible person supervising that meeting was sitting in front of
me, and was also noticing that lack of meeting materials.

Alternatively, if we were going to tell people it's a good plan to
listen to the audio and try to stay synchronized on their own copies of
the slides, we could save the Meetecho people a lot of aggravation, and
ISOC a fair amount of money.

But let's not do that, OK?


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