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Re: Slides, eye charts, and a beg for readability

2017-07-19 09:23:16
Hi, Adrian,

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 11:03 AM, Adrian Farrel 
<adrian(_at_)olddog(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk> wrote:


Aren't all the slides posted in the meeting materials at least 24 hours
ahead of time to allow us to download them, use our own preferred tools,
struggle with English not being our native language, and so on?

Well, MINE were in TSVAREA, but that's not always true. I sat in one
meeting that had no slides uploaded at all. Not naming names, because the
responsible person supervising that meeting was sitting in front of me, and
was also noticing that lack of meeting materials.

Alternatively, if we were going to tell people it's a good plan to listen
to the audio and try to stay synchronized on their own copies of the
slides, we could save the Meetecho people a lot of aggravation, and ISOC a
fair amount of money.

But let's not do that, OK?