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Re: Next steps in IETF list email archiving

2017-07-19 07:04:14
without meaning to sound like a complete luddite (and top-posting for
extra effect), what Michael has written is exactly how I feel about both
systems, and I would be very unhappy to see mhonarc go.


Michael Richardson wrote:
Robert Sparks <rjsparks(_at_)nostrum(_dot_)com> wrote:
    > If you use the mhonarc archives heavily, and have not yet explored
    >, we encourage you to do so now, and report any
    > difficulties you find. We recognize that the experience is different,
    > but many of the RFC 7842 driven improvements focused on minimizing the
    > transition pain.

I stopped using mailarchive and I almost exclusively use mhonarc
This is now easy since the dual links in the datatracker returned.
I was making up the correct links before, which was a pain.

I find the search-only interface to mailarchive annoying, and frankly slow.

While the thread support is better, it is still not anywhere as close
to MHonarc.  When I find an email that I care about, and I ask for the
thread view, I get the thread for the entire list --- yes, with that
email opened, but the entire thread is there.
If there is a URL for that thread, I don't know it, and it is not easily

Frankly, I just feel stupid interacting with an active system when I
know a set of static files would satisfy my needs.   No matter how fast the
active system can be made...

    > We have successfully tested the code that will redirect all existing
    > Mhonarc URLs into the mailarchive using the testlist.

neat.  I understand the desire to get rid of mhonarc.  I want mailarchive
to succeed, but it still feels really klunky to me.

    > We are not going to make this transition immediately, but we do plan to
    > make it more in the near future than the far future. Please help us
    > identify any additional things we can do to minimize the disruption to
    > your current workflow.

It would be cool if I could get an IMAP URL from mailarchive, as that
would let me jump from searching the archives for a relevant thread,
and right into writing a reply to it.