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Re: Next steps in IETF list email archiving

2017-07-19 17:20:56
On 19 Jul 2017, at 21:54, Brian E Carpenter 
<brian(_dot_)e(_dot_)carpenter(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

I find it varies. For some types of search Mhonarch is definitely better.
If I have a vague idea about when a thread occurred and a vague idea about
the subject header, paging through Mhonarch to find the thread works much
better. And then following the thread itself is pretty natural in Mhonarch.
Also, if you send someone the link they can follow the thread too.

Here's a challenge. Follow the recent threads on 6man about RFC4291bis.
It's very easy at
It's not at all easy with the new tool. In fact I found two issues while
trying to do so:

1. I simply can't see how I'm supposed to restrict the search to the subject 
All searches appear to be on header+body. Maybe I'm missing something?

2. I noticed that a whole thread whose subject header is "RE: 
displays in the search results as just plain "RE: ", which seems to be bug.

So if I was doing that search in real life, I would definitely use Mhonarch.

A good summary, and my strong preference also.


  Brian Carpenter

On 20/07/2017 06:48, Samita Chakrabarti wrote:

I find MHonarc is much easier interface to use and better viewing

Wish mailarchive.ietf had a similar user interface. Currently, I use
MHonarc for this reason.


On Jul 19, 2017 5:04 AM, "Nick Hilliard" <nick(_at_)foobar(_dot_)org> wrote:

without meaning to sound like a complete luddite (and top-posting for
extra effect), what Michael has written is exactly how I feel about both
systems, and I would be very unhappy to see mhonarc go.


Michael Richardson wrote:
Robert Sparks <rjsparks(_at_)nostrum(_dot_)com> wrote:
If you use the mhonarc archives heavily, and have not yet explored, we encourage you to do so now, and report any
difficulties you find. We recognize that the experience is
but many of the RFC 7842 driven improvements focused on minimizing
transition pain.

I stopped using mailarchive and I almost exclusively use mhonarc
This is now easy since the dual links in the datatracker returned.
I was making up the correct links before, which was a pain.

I find the search-only interface to mailarchive annoying, and frankly

While the thread support is better, it is still not anywhere as close
to MHonarc.  When I find an email that I care about, and I ask for the
thread view, I get the thread for the entire list --- yes, with that
email opened, but the entire thread is there.
If there is a URL for that thread, I don't know it, and it is not easily

Frankly, I just feel stupid interacting with an active system when I
know a set of static files would satisfy my needs.   No matter how fast
active system can be made...

We have successfully tested the code that will redirect all existing
Mhonarc URLs into the mailarchive using the testlist.

neat.  I understand the desire to get rid of mhonarc.  I want mailarchive
to succeed, but it still feels really klunky to me.

We are not going to make this transition immediately, but we do
plan to
make it more in the near future than the far future. Please help us
identify any additional things we can do to minimize the disruption
your current workflow.

It would be cool if I could get an IMAP URL from mailarchive, as that
would let me jump from searching the archives for a relevant thread,
and right into writing a reply to it.