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Re: Next steps in IETF list email archiving

2017-07-20 00:36:11
I apologize in advance for this engineering solution, but given how many people are saying "I prefer/need the MHonArc archives":

On 19 Jul 2017, at 9:43, Robert Sparks wrote:

One of the key issues was (and is) related to management of
the archives.  Currently if a message has to be removed
(rare, but not as rare as we would like due to spam hitting
some lists), the secretariat has to touch many places. One
of those is Mhonarc. Touching one message there involves
changing many files (any other message that contains a
navigation link to this one, and the index files that speak
about the message).

You may be over-touching. If someone needs a message "removed", you can leave the message in-place and simply change to content to "Message content removed" in the one file. No links are broken, no indexes need to be regenerated. (I did this for a while at VPNC.)

--Paul Hoffman