Re: Archive Conditional Site Initialization?

2003-01-04 12:45:33
On January 4, 2003 at 12:19, "W3Hosts Development Team" wrote:

Some option processing occurs after site initialization which requires
registered callbacks in site initialization for conditional processing by
archive.  Please don't tell me wrapper is the answer...

It may be 6 of one or half dozen of another to some but is it preferable to
expose a variable, i.e. $mhonarc::OUTDIR vs. MHonArc code, i.e.
$mhonarc::opt{"archive"} to perform archive conditional processing without
registering a callback?  I loathe the idea of registering a callback to
register callbacks.

So... I beg your indulgence and please enlighten me.  Can we do and is it a
minor change to do site initialization after option processing?

I'm having problems parsing the above in determing exactly what
your goal is.  Can you tell us what the ultimate goal is?  I.e. What
exactly are you trying to achieve? is kind of a hack, so mucking with it may not be
the best long term solution to your problem.

Plus, what is the objection to a "wrapper" script?  Providing a
custom front-end would allow you to execute custom code after
option processing but before input is processed.  Example:

  require '';
  ## ...custom code here...


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