Re: Archive Conditional Site Initialization?

2003-01-05 23:04:13
On January 6, 2003 at 00:38, "W3Hosts Development Team" wrote:

Normally, I have no problem with wrappers with a well-defined API.  I want
to stay away from implementing undocumented MHonArc calls.

Will 2.6 preserve 2.5x API or will we have to re-write our apps to upgrade?

2.6 will be compatible with 2.5.  The MIMEFILTERS API change that occured
in the past is an exception, but I think a needed one.

I'm considering making the callback API more robust by allow multiple
callbacks for the same event, including defining callbacks via a
resource file, but try to maintain compatibility with the existing
model.  Also, I think more callbacks should be added for the different
phases of archive processing (like one when all options and resources
have been loaded).

I'm unsure if such a change will make it in 2.6.0, but may be included
in a 2.6.x release.  Since I have other things that will be on my
plate soon, I'd like to get v2.6.0 out before I am too bogged down
with other priorities.  (which could delay its release).

Any real changes to the core will probably indicate a major version
change (v3.x).  I.e. Using things like $mhonarc::OUTDIR will still
be valid for 2.x releases.  3.x is still an amorphous concept.

Since mharc, and other scripts I have written leverage MHonArc internals,
I'm directly aware of compatibility issues for scripts that use the
documented API and some internals, so I will not leisuring change


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