<br>'s in format=flowed

2005-06-03 03:17:44

Seemingly, this shouldn't be necessary - that is the whole point of
format=flowed, to allow SR's.  Is there a switch to tell mhonarc to
only <pre> wrap text/plain fixed, but to *not* wrap flowed (instead
just dropping SR's and converting HR's to <br>'s).

Users complained about MHonarc 2.6.10 doing exactly this, since
multiple spaces get consolidated down to a single space. This 
tends to corrupt things like ASCII art and python source code.
I think there's a recenly closed bug entry on Savannah about this.

As an aside, it seems that format=flowed alone is pretty rare - most
MUA's either send text/html as well (which mhonarc prefers) or
text/plain fixed.  Is this correct?

Incorrect, format=flowed is reasonably common.

I'm a little curious, what are you working on?


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