Re: <br>'s in format=flowed

2005-06-03 09:47:42
On June 3, 2005 at 11:36, East Coast Coder wrote:

Couldn't this be solved simply by converting extra spaces to &nbsp; 's?

Please read MIMEFILTERS and search the list archives about format=flowed.
The m2h_text_plain::filter describes how format=flowed is handled.

If you believe there is a bug in how format=flowed is handled, please
provide sample messages and submit a bug report.

As an aside, it seems that format=flowed alone is pretty rare - most
MUA's either send text/html as well (which mhonarc prefers) or
text/plain fixed.  Is this correct?

Incorrect, format=flowed is reasonably common.

I wasn't clear.  The majority of the time that I have seen
format=flowed, it is along with text/html - which mhonarc will prefer.
 How often do you see format=flowed by itself?

See RFC-2646.  Format=flowed has nothing to do with text/html.  It
is only applicable for text/plain messages.


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