Re: Shouldn't default setting of CHECKNOARCHIVE be on?

2005-06-03 10:05:05
On June 2, 2005 at 21:06, East Coast Coder wrote:

The default setting of CHECKNOARCHIVE is currently off.  In my
opinion, it should be on by default.


Basically, unless you say explicitly that you want otherwise,
shouldn't we honor author's wishes as well as  the standards?

The default is off for behavioral compatibility reasons.  I.e.
CHECKNOARCHIVE did not exist in early versions of MHonArc, so
I wanted to avoid bogus bug reports about messages not getting
archived.  Many users are still unaware of the no-archive flag
in messages.

Switching the default to On is something to consider whenever the
next major release (like 2.7) happens.


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