Re: Crashing on bad callback

2005-06-05 22:06:25
Similiarly, just spent 25 minutes trying to figure out why my filters
were being ignored till I realized that I mistyped the resource
filename on the command line.  Shouldn't a nonexistant -rcfile param
trigger an error?

(I was always taught that a crash is managable; hidden errors aren't.)

On 6/5/05, East Coast Coder <eastcoastcoder(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:
While working on my callbacks, I noticed that, despite the require()
call in, if there is a compilation problem in my
callback file, mhonarc still runs, without a peep - leaving me
clueless until I ]$ perl to see that I introduced a
compile error.

I'm not a Perl junkie, so forgive me for my ignorance: is there a
simple way to say that the callback file should be, um, *require*d,
and that, if it doesn't compile, mhonarc should say so and quit?

(Side note: That is the behavior of require() in PHP.)

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