Re: Crashing on bad callback

2005-06-06 08:27:37
On June 5, 2005 at 22:55, East Coast Coder wrote:

While working on my callbacks, I noticed that, despite the require()
call in, if there is a compilation problem in my
callback file, mhonarc still runs, without a peep - leaving me
clueless until I ]$ perl to see that I introduced a
compile error.

First, did you run "perl -c" on your file?  Always a good practice.

I'm not a Perl junkie, so forgive me for my ignorance: is there a
simple way to say that the callback file should be, um, *require*d,
and that, if it doesn't compile, mhonarc should say so and quit?

Currently, mhonarc ignores any errors in the requiring of  The reason is that support did
not always exist in mhonarc.  Therefore, the existence of it is
not required (no pun intended).  Therefore, to avoid bogus errors
for most users, the return status of 'require' is ignored to avoid
user confusion.

For users that mess with, I figured they would at
least check the syntax of the file first before trying to use it.


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