Attachments: New Resource?

2005-09-28 14:51:53
Kind Readers,

I would like to "promote" attachment URLs to the index page so users looking
for attachments don't have to click on every message to hunt down the
attachment they are looking for.  See  for an example of what I'm
talking about (that was done with a bit of a MHonArc code hack).

One thought that came to mind was to implement the solution as resource like
LiBegin, LiTemplate, and LiEnd.  Maybe using variables and resource names
like $ATTACHMENTLIST$, AttachmentsBegin, AttachmentTemplate, AttachmentsEnd.
Thus one could do something like this:

  <li><strong>$DATE$</strong>, <em>From</em>: $FROM$</li>

# You could start a sub-list here
# <ul>

# </ul>


The above is only meant to be a suggestion of the type of solution I'm
envisioning... It is not intended to be a fully cooked solution.  I'm
seeking your input.

1) Does this seem like a reasonable approach?
2) What am I leaving out?
3) What other considerations must I take into account?

Thanks in advance.

-- David I. Bell

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