Re: Attachments: New Resource?

2005-09-29 14:03:18
On September 28, 2005 at 14:51, "David I. Bell" wrote:

I would like to "promote" attachment URLs to the index page so users looking
for attachments don't have to click on every message to hunt down the
attachment they are looking for.  See  for an example of what I'm
talking about (that was done with a bit of a MHonArc code hack).

I should probably add more to the FAQ about this since it has come
up more than once.  Note, the FAQ does provide a solution, but it
is hack that relies on HTTP server functionality.

As for a directly supported solution, there are subtleties that
complicates things.  As been noted in the past (mhonarc-users list
I believe), the concept of "attachment" is not clearly defined.
Mail standards only provide the Content-Disposition to explicitly
indicate an attachment, but not all MUAs use it.

Also, some consider an attachment any entity that cannot be rendered
natively by the mail reader.

MHonArc currently only tracks "derived" files for a given message.
This includes any files created by filters (MIMEFILTERS) and any
files created by DEFINEDERIVED.  The files are tracked mainly for
message deletion operations.

To support "attachment" listings robustly in mhonarc, the filter
API needs modification.  A filter needs to denote which files
it creates are to be considered attachments and which are not.
Sometimes, a filter will only return a directory name (e.g. subdir
option for m2h_external::filter) and not an individual file list.

Mhonarc will also need to modify how it tracks derived files by
marking attachments separately.

Of course, compatibility concerns must be addressed if such
changes are made.


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