Install bug in DOS MHonArc

1996-02-21 17:33:51
Probably everyone who has encountered this had figured it out for
themselves, but I'll give a reminder anyway.

The distribution .zip file contains truncated file names compared to the
distribution .tar.gz. file, names that have no more than eight characters
before the dot.  That works just fine on earlier DOS, but when one installs
on Windows 95 or Windows NT the and mhonarc scripts refer to the
files by their full names as they appear under Unix.

Inelegant cure: Rename the mhonarc library files manually after unzipping
and before running

Alternate cure: Use the .tar.gz archive instead of the .zip one.

We could distribute a .zip file with the long file names, but I'm not sure
that it would be usable under earlier DOS.

Thanks to Laurat for reminding me of this.

-- SP

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