Re: Message Number Jumping

1996-02-23 18:15:24
I provide hypertext versions of three different mailing lists, and 
just noticed that the message number assignments seem to be 
accelerating!  For example, in one list 
( the message number 
jumped from msg00074.html to msg00638.html in one two-day period!

Any idea of what's going on here?  Admittedly, I haven't cleared out 
my "mbox" in a while, and MHonArc runs from a cron job.

When adding messages to an archive, mhonarc scans the archive directory
for the largest message number in use to determine what the next
message number should be.  Apparently, mhonarc believed there was a
file called "msg00637.html" when it created msg00638.html.

Looking at your archive, there appears to be few other jumps in the
number sequence of messages.  Is it possible there is some problem with
the directory reads, like what we encountered last time when you had
message numbering problems (ie. new messages always got message number


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